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Applications Management System Library for PHP (AppsCMS) - RELEASE NOTES

Copyright (C) 2013 to 2019 Robert Fulton
SVN Build: $Id: 851 2019-09-18 12:33:28Z robert0609 $

AppsCMS Logo

Released AppsCMS to the public domain under the BSD 3-Clause licence.
See ""

Release Notes - V2.16 July 2019

Added INI_SESSIONS_DATA_TIMEOUT to help keep disk usage lower
Other improvements
Release candidate V2.16rc1

Added doxygen debug links.
Added cron job control.
Added similar, Levenshtein and phonetic search options.
Added alternate odd/even row background colours for links page.
Changed the default way messages are displayed to a closeable stack.
Moved $page_info['login_allowed'] variable to Ccms_auth::is_login_allowed() function to remove duplication.
Fixed the missing login link after session cookie expires.
Release candidate V2.16rc2

Fixed the page_config icon hover enlarge problems.
Added Ccms_app_install class for application packaging (install and update to come).
Bugfix in export.
Release candidate V2.16rc3

Added Ccms_app_install class for application packaging, install and update.
Added "Exact" checkbox to search.
Added cms_body_version, cms_body_purpose, cms_body_info1 and cms_body_info2 columns.
to bodies table for general usage (keep packaged information in with application).
Bugfix in config.
Release candidate V2.16rc4

Added nav bar links to app installer.
Added Ccms_tool_install class for local tool packaging, install and update.
Release candidate V2.16rc5

Added "EULA URI Includes Form" to cms_configs table setting.
Release candidate V2.16rc6

Bugfixes and improvements.
Per many requests, fixed the spelling for licence in Australian code
Fixed clean up from package installs.
Added sanity checks to application and local tool, packagers and installers.
Release candidate V2.16rc7

Bugfixes and improvements.
Fixed clean up from package installs.
Added sanity checks to application and local tool, packagers and installers.
Release candidate V2.16rc8

Minor cleanups in theme and grammar/spelling.
Added warning to setting app page to login.
Fixed the CSS class msg_warning now cms_msg_warning
Added a simple themeable JS class Cpopup for alert() and checkbox confirm().
Release candidate V2.16rc9

Improvements and bugfixes
Release candidate V2.16rc10

Tweaks to iframe in page to stop unnecessary scroll bars.
Release candidate V2.16rc11

@TODO check tech manual.

Release Notes - V2.15-3 July 2019

Removed AJAX DB row / form insert in favor of reload.
Split the DB JS off from cms DB classes to a separate cms/cms_DB_edit.js file
Release candidate V2.16rc1

Release Notes - V2.15-2 July 2019

Bugfix release.

Release Notes - V2.15-1 July 2019

Bugfix release.

Release Notes - V2.15 June 2019

Added the SQLite3 'PRAGMA journal_mode = wal;' for improved concurrency.
Added MySQL database create code for AppsCMS MySQL mode."
Fixed bug in image and icon presentation.
Added link and section icons to config DB.
Finished edit links paged to same as sections layout.
Bugfixes and improvements.
Release candidate V2.15rc1
Improvements to the MySQL initialization methods.
Added CMS_C_ALLOW_APPS_DIR_SHARE to allow apps to share directories.
Added public static $body_defines to Ccms_base class for app helpers.
Improvements to performance.
Release candidate V2.15rc2
Updated the local tools directory settings and made improvements.
Added the legal styling and links to default AppsCMS footer (as a default example).
Improvements to theme generator.
Release candidate V2.15rc3
Bug fixes.
Release candidate V2.15rc4
Added JS Ccms_gife class for dynamic table row additions
Added JS cms_addElem_title2tooltip()
Clean up AppsCMS Admin menus.
WYSIWYG config changed from 'cms.wysiwyg.ini' to 'cmswysiwyg.json' for more flexibility.
WYSIWYG section has been rewritten to simplify config and usage.
Prefixed cms JS classes with Ccms
and functions with cms_ to avoid conflict with app JS.
Deleted cms_client_visit_cntr.js (the showClientVisitsCntrCookie() moved to the Ccms_cookie class.
Deleted cms_extra_funcs.js (functions moved to cms_body_func.js)
Deleted cms_security.js (functions no longer required)
Added livesearch AJAXed input type.
Release candidate V2.15rc5
Release candidate V2.15rc6
Added apps/(APP_DIR)/include/
Added apps/(APP_DIR)/include/app_config.php
Editing the AppsCMS tech manual.
Added app readme configs (like terms, etc. using only files) to make a complete set.
Added app release notes configs (like terms, etc. using only files) to make a complete set.
Added app installer cms_body_installed to cms_bodies table for installed third party apps.
Bugfixes and improvements
Release candidate v2.15rc7
Added the Ccms_base_file and Ccms_base_buffer classes to reduce the size of and functionality of Ccms_base class
Removed "cms_user_eula_time", "cms_user_cookie_time", "cms_user_login_count", "cms_user_last_login" and "cms_user_last_logoff"
from the "cms_users" tables so that the SQLite DB is more compatible with git and svn revision control and
moved to the VAR_FS_USERS_DIR.
Improved the ugly appearance of input[type=number] spinners.
Moved the MySQL <-> SQLite defintion converters to the database common class.
Release candidate v2.15rc8
Bugfixes and improvements.
Release candidate V2.15rc9

Release Notes - V2.14 May 2019

Improvements to example code.
Added MySQL extras text to MySQL DB installs
Added static methods available for 'cms_config_show_func', 'cms_config_input_func' and 'cms_config_save_func' in cmsconfigs.
Added unique application class and plugin autoload for individual applications.
Corrections and additions to the technical manual.
Corrected missed db
function prefixes for; - sanitize_string(), prepare_input(), prepare_search_keyword(),
Added the "cms_body_type" and "cms_body_dir" columns to the "cms_bodies" table and the default application settings.
Added CSS option to turn header, footer and left column printing on and off.
@TODO Fix the log view for compressed files.
Has a release candidate V2.14rc1
Added the (APPDIR)cli/ directory to pages / apps setup.
Fixed scaling cropping of background images.
Fixed title toolf tip sizing bug.
Added MySQL database and user account setup functions.
Added on screen all messages for debug.
Has a release candidate V2.14rc2
After feedback from several Wampserver and XAMPP users not having posix
and other functions available,
these functions have been wrapped to provide some (used in AppsCMS) alternatives as static functions
in the Ccms_posix class.
Improvements to SQLite3 error handling and startup error handling.
Has a release candidate V2.14rc3
Improvements to OS detection and usage.
Corrections to technical manual.
Has a release candidate V2.14rc4
Added Apache 2.4 version sections to .htaccess files
App directory lib/ added.
Fixed bug in Ccms_posix.
Has a release candidate V2.14rc5
After several requests the library long name has changed from
"Applications Management System for PHP" to "Applications Management System Library for PHP"
Has a release candidate V2.14rc6
Ccms_install class renamed Ccms_DB_install to align with the DB class naming.
Added Ccms_DB_edit class.
Merge problems fixed from rc6 in Ccms_base and Ccms_html.
Fixes filter select operation to remember previous selections.
Removed the "$db_name_debug" from "Ccms_database_mysql::install_user_privileges_database()" as it was seen as a security problem.
Added the "Ccms_general::do_cms_cli_warnings()"
Added the "Ccms_cli_dialogs_plugin" plugin for CLI ops.
To reduce redundancy "INI_MINIMUM_NAME_LENGTH" replaced by "LMC_MIN_NAME_LEN".
Bugfixes and improvements.
Has a release candidate V2.14rc7
Split Ccms_DB_edit class into Ccms_DB_checks and Ccms_DB_edit classes.

Release Notes - V2.13 May 2019

Bugfixes to default to links set as home page.
Adds Link Manager tools to import process.

Release Notes - V2.12 May 2019

Improvements to MySQL (the NL, ERROR_DECOR_ON, ERROR_DECOR_OFF defines removed).
Bugfixes to MySQL classes.
Fix shell installer.

Release Notes - V2.11 May 2019

Changed ContactusUs::EMAIL_SUBJECT to a multi input.
Changed 'MODAL_HEIGHT' to 'HEIGHT_MODAL' and 'MODAL_WIDTH' to 'WIDTH_MODAL' to stop limitations auto-generated selectors.
Added all HTML5 elements to cms_titletooltips.js
Removed the "db
" prefix from database methods to conform to general standards for;-
Added cms/cli/ to update app code.

Release Notes - V2.10 April 2019

Added Links Manager functionality to AppCMS.
Added Links_Manager basic data import script.
Fixed the scroll to anchor (Top) bugs.
Added login count, last login and last logoff for local authentications.
Added a wider range of incremental setting values for theme .
Bug fixes and improvements

Release Notes - V2.09 March 2019

Fixed bug in NAV BAR login logout.
Fixed problems with early version dir checks.
Fixed CSS problems in social media plugin descriptions.
Fixed bugs in update sh script for;-
"login.php" should be "cms_login.php",
"Capps_auth" should be "Ccms_apps_auth"
Removed 'ON CONFLICT FAIL' in DB cms_users.cms_user_password_md5.
Has a beta release V2.09rc1.
Bug fixes and improvements.
Has a beta release V2.09rc2.
Bug fixes and improvements.
Has a beta release V2.09rc3.
Bug fixes and improvements.
Has a beta release V2.09rc4.
Improvements to polymorphism allowing AppsCMS class to be more useful.
V2.09 never released

Release Notes - V2.08 February 2019

A clean up release for the many V2.07 beta releases.

Release Notes - V2.07 February 2019

Fixed bug in javascript function names for multi entry settings.
Improvements in multiple input selection code.
Has a beta release V2.07b1.

Fixed bug in data_sep checks.
Has a beta release V2.07b2.

Added vw settings to attribute sizes.
Added login page selection column to pagebodies DB table.
Bugfixes in DB exports.
Added setting option to include apps/stylesheets/apps.css on all body pages in the <head> section.
Moved the standard APPS
defined to configure.php.
Improvements to return to search operation.
Has a beta release V2.07b3.

Added missing _DIR suffix to directory constants to stop coding confusion on;
Bugfix in get_header_admin_tools_db_text() to stop doubling up on Admin menu.
Has a beta release V2.07b4.

Added a custom <cms_page_body_elem> which encloses the page body (not the <body> element) that does not include the header, left column nor footer.
Added a <div id="cms_page_overlay"> and <div id="cms_page_base"> for overlays to reference in non full view pages.
Added Cpage_body javascript class.
Improvements to the technical manual.
Added the CMS_C_ALLOW_TEXT_EDITORS config.
Improvements to Cgotcha_plugin.
Improvements to tech manual.
Added the Ccms_modal class.
Has a beta release V2.07b5.

As requested by many developers;
Renamed AppsCMS files that begin with app or apps (in the cms/ directory) to cms_ to stop confusion and allow
better separation with apps/ files
and move cms/styles.css files (contains user theme) to the etc/css/ (ETC_WS_CSSDIR) directory and
prefix with "cms
" so that everything in the cms/ directory is just for the AppsCMS,
moved the cms/calendar.js and calendar.css to cms/lib/calendar/,
this process has been automated by the "cms/cli/" bash script.
Added "cms
" prefix to AppsCMS CSS classes;-
cms_box_outer_tip, cms_box_inner_tip, cmsmsg
, cms_title_tooltip, cms_nav_bar, cms_page_sitemap
Fixed the duplicating apps login requests.
Has a beta release V2.07b6

Added optional include file URI in WEBSITE_CLOSED_REASON.
Added auto refresh to web site closed screen every 10 minutes.
Added a page/app cms_body_description column to the cms_bodies table.
Added search filter to image list drop downs.
Set the CSS page_config font size to 10px permanently to stop bad theme settings being unrecoverable.
Has a beta release V2.07b7

Fixed bug in Ccms_auth::after_login() method for stand alone logins.
Fixed spelling typo for contactus
Added custom feedback option text to JS class CajaxOps as per user requests
Added Ccms::get_navbar_grid_sanitised() with privileges control per user requests.
Added more theme height options per user requests.
Bugfixes and Improvements.
Has a beta release V2.07b8

Bugfixes and improvements.
Has a beta release V2.07b9

Check PHP version on minify plugin ops.
Bugfixes and improvements.
Fixed the "extra dot" in the timing logs.
Has a beta release V2.07b10

Added LOG_AJAX_DEBUG_BOOL to log ajax requests and responses in debug mode.
Fixed the PHP 5 array_filter() bug with a work around (don't like).

Not released as V2.07

Next Release Notes - V2.06 - December 2018

Performance optimization in Cdatabase_sqlite.
Improvements to install processes in Ccms_install and Ccms_general classes.
Added 'no_body' index for to get_admin_uris() methods for app admin extensions.
Added zip log files and limit number of log files options for AppsCMS logs in /var/logs/.
Speed improvements in global definitions.
Fixed the no session cookie bug.
Added Cookies section to AppsCMS manual.
Added cookie policy configurations.
Has an interim release V2.06r1.

Added options for DB query logging to cms_configs table.
Improvements to contactus plugin.
Added more configuration for messages.
Bugfix for value name in configuration editor.
Has an interim release V2.06r2.

Added options filter on select drop downs with improvements to filter operation.
Bugfixes to message output.
Bugfix left column position.
Has an interim release V2.06r3.

Added config code to work with symlinked pages/apps.
Bug fix for admin search.
Has an interim release V2.06r4.

Fixed export of apps cms_bodies table.
Added debug msg type.
Added head default extras for meta name and content values.
Added the aliased timezones to timezone selection.
Converted the remaining "\n" strings to PHP_EOL.
Has an interim release V2.06r5.

Bugfix in <head> generator.
Fixed the download link to github.
Fixed to tech manual.
Fixed urls in CSS minified files.
Improvements to multi-line entries settings (e.g. custom colours).
Has an interim release V2.06r6.

Bug fixes to serialization of configuration strings and arrays.
Not released as V2.06

Release Notes - V2.05 - November 2018

Bugfixes and PHP 5 to PHP 7 compatibility changes.
Added Ccms_apps_base::recurse_copy()
Improvements in browser detection.
Bugfixes and improvements in Cmsgs, Ccms_apps_base and Ccms_edit classes.
Added config DB exports to tables on entry to edit pages.
Added cms/examples/apps/lib/ directory.

Release Notes - V2.04 - October 2018

Changed the installer script name from "" to ""
Now does not change .htaccess index.php login.php logout.php files when updating.
Bug fix in define REBUILD_MODE.
Added the cms/lib/ directory for 3rd party libraries.
Revised system installed WYSIWYGs.
Added domain SSL checks.
Added the "Cmedia_conv_plugin" class for text and markdown files.
Fixed naming convention on "LOGIN_VIA_HOMEPAGE" to "LOGIN_VIA_HOMEPAGE_BOOL".
Added the validate_email() method for user and domain checks.
Changed contact us messages to appear under the input field.
Fixed the theme colour selector.
Added the required message to Cmsgs class.
Fixed the Contactus cancel button.
Fixed message cnt bug in Cmsgs class,
Added "Cminify_plugin" class for cached CSS and JS minified output.

Release Notes - V2.03 - October 2018

Improved login security,
Long name change from "Applications Management System Library for PHP"
to "Applications Management System Library for PHP".
Improvements to on screen message handling,
Added AppsCMS logo to About AppsCMS page and AppsCMS Manual page,
Added an automated install process.
Many small improvements and bug fixes.

Release Notes - V2.02 - October 2018

Correct a error in ETC_WS_IMAGES_DIR definition.
Corrections/additions to about and manual pages.
Added on installation to shown the about page.

Release Notes - V2.01 - October 2018

Initial V2 release.

Release Notes - V2.00 - October 2018

Web Site:

Previously released as BW-CMS V0 and V1 by BRAEWORKS.
AppsCMS is a replacement for BW-CMS.